• Skrap the Skratch - Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs
  • Skrap the Skratch - Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs


Skrap the Skratch - Skin & Coat Supplement for Dogs

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Say goodbye to your dog itching and scratching constantly!

We all know how uncomfortable it is to have an itch you just can’t scratch away! And it’s horrible see your dog uncomfortable and miserable from their dry, itchy, irritated skin.Seeing their coat dull, lifeless and lacking shine probably worries you too. 

You may have tried all sorts of tablets, creams and lotions, generating plenty of gooey mess but not much in the way of results. 

It’s like putting a plaster on a broken bone - it’s just not going to work. You need to address the problem from the inside out. 

Skrap the Skratch is formulated to do just that - 

  • No more endless scratching, red raw ‘hotspots’ or flaky skin
  • Put an end to chewing and nibbling at irritated areas including paws and around the tail
  • A glossy, healthy shine to the coat - visible proof that your dog is healthy, well and thriving
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients 
  • In powder form with a scoop for easy feeding
  • See results in under 2 weeks

Skrap the Skratch works from the inside to get right to the core of the issue and brings true relief to your dog. They’ll be so much more comfortable, they’ll look better than ever and you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing they feel much better!

One pouch will last a small dog 45 days, a medium dog 21 days and a large dog 15 days.

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Natural Skin & Coat Supplement

Backed by Science

Zero Nasties

Red Tail



Contains a unique blend of flaxseed meal, marshmallow root, rosehip, clivers, dandelion, celery seeds, nettle. An all natural approach that really works!


When feeding Skrap the Skratch you should see the results within as little as two weeks. There's nothing pleasant about scooting bums!


The most important thing is to create products that see real results and Skrap the Skratch does just that! Our customers can't do without it now.



"The difference is unbelievable he isn’t biting himself or spending the whole day scratching. The arm pits are probably the biggest difference. Big love to the skin supplement” 


If using the recommended dosage, you should notice a difference within two weeks of using Skrap the Skratch.

Under 20kg: 2 scoops per day, 20-40kg: 4 scoops per day, Over 40kg: 6 scoops per day. A scoop is provided with all orders.

Flaxseed meal, marshmallow root, rosehip, clivers, dandelion, celery seeds, nettle.

There are no nasty side effects of feeding Skrap the Skratch and it is safe to feed on an ongoing basis.

Yes! Skrap the Skratch is 100% vegan and gluten free.

There shouldn’t be any palatability issues, but for those slightly fussier eaters we would recommend splitting the powder over two meals. 

Yes, it’s ok to feed Scaredy Paws alongside any of the other products in our range.

Apologies, we do not provide product samples currently. We’d recommend starting out with the 250ml bottle so you can test it out at a minimal cost. We know you won’t be disappointed! 

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