• Nose 'N' Toes - Nose and Paw Balm
  • Nose 'N' Toes - Nose and Paw Balm
  • Nose 'N' Toes - Nose and Paw Balm


Nose 'N' Toes - Nose and Paw Balm

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Nose 'N' Toes is 100% natural.

  • Heals and Soothes cracked paws and noses
  • Fragrance free so no irritation
  • Ultimate paw and nose protection
  • Apply just after a walk or before bed

Lick Safe!


Superior Joint Supplement

Backed by Science

Zero Nasties

Red Tail



Our nourishing Organic Paw Balm Formula Will Soothe Skin and help with dried out, cracked & crusty paw pads that make your pet uncomfortable and feel pain when walking.


As with all our products, we put your mind at ease knowing that our paw butter is all natural, to ensure your dog gets the very best without the use of chemicals or any nasties. Our full ingredient list is in the description.


With 100% natural ingredients, its fragrance free and lick safe for your pupper, so no need to worry if they get a little lick happy as its completely safe to ingest.


Nose 'N' Toes can be enjoyed by any dog of any age or breed.

Yes, Nose 'N' Toes, is 100% natural and lick safe. We haven't included any flavouring or scent in order to keep it safe and also to prevent your dog from getting too excited about giving it a taste. However, if your dog licks some Nose 'N' Toes off their nose or paws, you can rest assured it will not cause them any harm. You may need to reapply though!

This depends on how dry, cracked and uncomfortable your dog's nose/ paws are. You can't over-apply the product, so no need to worry about putting it on too frequently. And if your dogs nose or paws pads seem dry and cracked at any point, apply liberally to restore them to comfort and moisturised bliss.

It is best to apply Nose 'N' Toes after a walk and/ or just before bedtime, so that it has the chance to soak in and so that your dog isn't tempted to lick it off!

This will depend on how dry your dogs paws and nose are. You should start to notice a difference within a few days of regular application.

A Natural Approach

Dog Happiness Experts

Our products have been developed by dog owners and animal nutritionists using 100% natural ingredients. Proven to support your dog’s natural physiology and address a wide range of health issues, our products are sure to give your furry friend a new leash of life.

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Our products are scientifically proven to nourish your dog from nose to tail using 100% plant-based ingredients.


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Whatever your breed or need, our products are scientifically formulated to enhance canine health and wellbeing.


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