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Obesity in Dogs Image

Obesity in Dogs

Obesity in dogs can cause a lot of health problems and ultimately mean they have a shorter life span. We listed out some ways you can spot if your dog is overweight and the actions that you can take to get them back to their happier self.

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Christmas Leftovers? The Dog Safe Edition Image

Christmas Leftovers? The Dog Safe Edition

We all love to feed our dogs a few extra treats at Christmas, but it's important we're mindful of what foods can make them sick and what foods are pupper safe. We've created a short guide to give you comfort of how you can spoil your dog safely this Christmas.

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Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks Image

Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Fireworks and loud noises can be an anxious time for dogs and cause them to become scared. Our latest blog post talks about how to recognise the signs if your dog is scared or anxious, along with our top tips on how you can help support them through the evening and on the lead up to a noisy event such as fireworks on New Years Eve, Halloween or Bonfire Night.

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Every Breed and Every Need Image

Every Breed and Every Need

We focus on creating one product for each need your dog has. We don't believe in pushing multiple products to support one area, how would you know what's working and what's not? Read out more about the Wagateur Way.

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Plant Power Image

Plant Power

The power of plants underpins everything that our brand stands for. Our products are all made from ingredients that have science to back them up! Read more to understand the power of plants for your pupper! 

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Dog Joint and Mobility Care - Top Tips Image

Dog Joint and Mobility Care - Top Tips

Check out our top tips on dog joint and mobility care. From shorter, more regular walks to massages and all natural joint supplements like Canine GOLD. It's important to be proactive in supporting our dogs joints and mobility as they age.

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