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The journey of Wagateur and how we came to help so many dogs across the world.


Your dog is your best friend! 

Our dogs are our best friends too, so we know what dog lovers are looking for to keep their dogs feeling their best.  We understand the bond and the love that exists between you and your pooch.

Though our entire team has an all-consuming love for four-leggeds of the Canine variety... we didn't start out as a dog brand.

Our History

Wagateur was born out of Equinutritive - a company making natural supplements for horses. Our flagship product Alpha GOLD hit the market with a bang in 2015 and soon thousands of horse owners across the UK and Ireland were talking about it. 

Then one day, one of our customers told us she had been giving Alpha GOLD to her arthritic dog and told us it had transformed her life. She told us her dog was running around, playing fetch and enjoying life like a puppy again! This story warmed our hearts but we put our heads back down to continue building our equine brand. 

One story about Alpha GOLD helping a dog turned into 10 and then 20.  Before we knew it, a trickle turned into an avalanche.  We realised dog owners were really looking for this exact product for their besties - this led to the birth of Canine GOLD.  A standalone nutritional joint supplement for dogs.

Canine Gold to Wagateur

Over the past few years, Canine Gold has been a daily staple for many wonderful dogs, keeping them active and mobile (and even giving some a new lease of life). However, we understand that stiff and sore joints are only one issue our poor pups suffer from (we’re all dog owners). So, we started formulating, manufacturing, and testing new products at the start of 2021. 

These products include Scaredy Paws to calm and relax nervous, anxious, barky dogs. Blissful Booty to eliminate scooting and blocked anal glands; Skrap the Scratch for beautiful itch-free, nice-to-see, coats; New taste Canine Gold – same benefits, but not so marmite-like in taste and smell! 

So from there Wagateur was born. We help dogs and their owners share more happy moments together.  If you look up Wagateur in the dictionary you'll see a Wagateur is 'an expert or connoisseur of dog happiness'. Ok, disclosure, it's not quite in the official dictionary just yet but we know it encompasses everything we stand for.  

So here's to days in the park playing fetch with a dog that moves with a real spring in its step!

Don't just take our word for it! Our testimonials speak volumes.  


There is nothing more important to us than happy animals and worry-free owners. That’s why, we only ever use plant-based ingredients in our products. Ingredients with the power to nourish your canine from nose to tail, while protecting our planet in the process.


As devoted pet parents, we understand how stressful it can be to find the right products for your dog. So, when we couldn’t find health and well-being products to suit our own canine needs, we decided to make them ourselves. Loved by our very own dogs, you can trust in us to deliver.


As a group of animal-obsessed nutritionists and scientists, we know a thing or two about caring for our furry friends. We’ve spent the last decade creating great products and we will always focus on having on per need. We won't push multiple products at you when we can solve your needs with one.

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