• Scaredy Paws - Dog Stress & Calming Supplement
  • Scaredy Paws - Dog Stress & Calming Supplement


Scaredy Paws - Dog Stress & Calming Supplement

  • Supports stressed, nervous or anxious dogs 
  • Ideal for dogs who are scared of fireworks/loud noises, other dogs or new people 
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients - from the ground, not the lab 
  • Aids focus for more effective training
  • Comes in handy powder form to just scoop on top of their usual food
  • One pouch will last a small dog 45 days, a medium dog 21 days and a large dog 15 days

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If your dog is scared and anxious, you probably worry about them - how they'll cope with new environments or being left alone, how they'll behave out and about, and about their quality of life. 

When the stress response is de-regulated, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol run amok and turn safe and unthreatening situations into stressful, scary ones. Horrible for you and for your dog. 

Scaredy Paws is formulated to regulate the stress response, calming your dog from the inside out and making life all round more enjoyable. Whether it's the pop of fireworks, other dogs, being left alone or new environments, Scaredy Paws will help your dog relax and feel brave and confident - 100% naturally. 

⭐️ See results in less than 2 weeks

⭐️ Scoop included in pouch

*Scaredy Paws is highly effective when combined with effective training, but is not suitable as an alternative to training. Scaredy Paws helps with stress, not with bad behaviour! 

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Natural Calming Supplement

Backed by Science

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A natural unique blend of vervain, lemon balm, raspberry leaf, chamomile, raspberry leaf, marshmallow root, passionflower and peppermint.


Scaredy Paws is suitable for fireworks/other loud noises, separation anxiety, new and strange dogs or people, new and strange environments.


When feeding Scaredy Paws you will see results within 2 weeks of use, so you can plan this into any known triggers coming up.



“Ruby is a two year old working Labrador and was very highly strung. After a couple of weeks on the calmer I noticed a real difference.”


If using the recommended dosage, you should notice a difference within two weeks of using Scaredy Paws.

Vervain, lemon balm, raspberry leaf, chamomile, raspberry leaf, marshmallow root, passionflower and peppermint.

This depends on the size of your furry friend. Under 20kg: 2 scoops per day. 20-40kg: 4 scoops per day. Over 40kg: 6 scoops per day. A scoop is provided with all orders.

There are no nasty side effects of feeding Scaredy Paws and it is safe to feed on an ongoing basis.

Yes! Scaredy Paws is 100% vegan and gluten free.

There shouldn’t be any palatability issues, but for those slightly fussier eaters we would recommend splitting the powder over two meals. 

Yes, it’s ok to feed Scaredy Paws alongside any of the other products in our range.

Apologies, we do not provide product samples currently.

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