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Blissful Booty - Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs

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€20,95 EUR
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€34,95 EUR
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€20,95 EUR
⭐  Blissful Booty: the 100% natural anal gland supplements for dogs
⭐  Stop your dog scooting and smelly anal gland discharges in under 2 weeks
⭐️  See Results or It's Free – Full refund, no questions asked, if you're not happy
  • Stop scooting and back end discomfort from filled anal glands
  • Keeps anal glands clear and healthy 
  • No more vet visits for anal gland emptying
  • Resolve leaking from anal glands 


How Long Does It Last?

One pouch will last a small dog (0-20kg) 60 days, a medium dog(20-40kg) 30 days and a large dog (40kg+) 20 days.

Comes in powder form with a handy measuring scoop.


A 100% natural blend of flaxseed meal, psyllium husks, carrot powder, pumpkin powder.

Blissful Booty is 100% natural and suitable for raw and vegan diets.

How To Use

Simply sprinkle onto your dog's meal daily. Your dog should find Blissful Booty yummy, but for those fussier eaters we recommend splitting the powder over two meals.

Introduce Blissful Booty to your dog's diet gradually.

Blissful Booty can be fed from 12 weeks of age. Not suitable for pregnant dogs.


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Important Info

Blissful Booty will not be beneficial for dogs that have anatomical anal gland issues e.g the anal glands are too far apart to naturally be able to express themselves.

If your dog has being diagnosed with an anatomical anal gland issue, Blissful Booty will not improve the associated issues your dog experiences.

Blissful Booty - Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs

Regular price
€20,95 EUR
Regular price
€34,95 EUR
Sale price
€20,95 EUR


"I found that my young girl was not as interested in her back end as what she was before, she seemed a lot more comfortable in herself”

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