From Canine Gold to Wagateur

A Note From Our Founder

The Journey of Wagateur 


It’s been a long, winding and almost accidental journey to get to Wagateur. 

How it began

Believe it or not, it all began with a brand for horses! As an equine scientist and nutritionist, I founded a supplement brand for horses in 2014, developing ground-breaking, award-winning products #@}?P,kmljnb or the equine market. It took off well and grew steadily over the first few years. 


In 2016, one of our customers wrote into us and told us she had been feeding our joint supplement for horses to her old, arthritic dog and said it was working miracles for him. I was thrilled that her dog was doing so well on Alpha Gold but that wasn’t our wheelhouse. We carried on building our horse brand and didn’t think too much more of it. 


Over the next few months, more and more feedback started to roll in about how Alpha Gold was helping people’s dogs. People wanted us to make it available in smaller bottles for their pups and that got us to thinking! 

Canine Gold

After a lot of work to put together a website, organise packaging for the product, come up with a name and more, we launched our original dog brand site as in January 2017. We didn’t know how it would go but we planned to give it a try and see where it went. 


We were delighted when Canine Gold took off! It grew and grew and grew. People trying it out were seeing amazing results and telling their friends at the dog park. Canine Gold was snowballing and instead of just being an add-on to our business it became a core part of our offering. 


In 2019, we made the decision to expand our product offering for dogs, as we knew there were so many other areas we could support with in dog health.  Therefore we started to undergo a rebrand so that Canine Gold and all of our other products could all sit together as a family under one name. We went to work on product development and coming up with the tricky task of a new brand name. 

Transition to Wagateur

Finally, in December 2021, we were ready to introduce Wagateur. The launch saw us bring a whole host of new products to the market and we’re so pleased that they’ve been making an incredible difference to the lives of dogs and their owners ever since. Canine Gold is helping more dogs than ever and owners are thrilled with the results they’re seeing from our new products.


The evolution of Wagateur, came from a love of dogs and all animals, and this is reflected in all areas of the brand.  You can see below how this is reflected in our brand logo. 


The Wagateur logo evolution

“An expert or connoisseur of dog happiness” 

We’re so happy that we’re able to reach even more beloved animals and support dogs throughout their lives with the best quality natural supplements. It’s been a winding road to get here but Wagateur is now a one stop shop for supplements for your dog. 


Wagateur, Happy By Nature.  

Alexandra Frazer

Founder, Wagateur

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