How to Stop my Dog From Scratching

If your dog is constantly scratching, it's important to address the issue quickly! Just like us, our furry friends can suffer from itchy skin. If your pooch is consistently scratching, it can indicate an underlying problem. You may be wondering how to find a solution for your dog's itchiness. Let's explore some solutions to help your beloved doggo and to stop them scratching!

Causes of itchy skin in dogs

There are many causes of itchy skin in dogs, the most common are allergies, parasites and over-washing. These can cause health conditions to develop and is also uncomfortable for your doggo! 

Our pets health discuss 5 potential causes of itching in dogs which can cause your dog to scratch excessively.

How do I stop my dog from scratching?

Maintain a healthy diet

Diets have a massive impact on your dogs health. High quality food contributes to the essential nutrients your dog needs to live a happy, healthy life. This isn’t the only benefit of a healthy diet. It can also boost their immune system, reducing the risk of health problems such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Diet has a direct impact on your dogs skin and coat condition. The healthier the diet, the healthier the coat!

Regular Bathing

food and digestive health has an effect on your dogs skin health

Just like us, dogs need baths! There are more benefits of bathing your dog than just removing dirt and odour. It's also a great way of providing relief to their itching and maintains their protective skin barrier! Using specific shampoos for itchiness can lock in moisture and prevent dry skin. So, make bath time with your dog fun and playful! This will make it more enjoyable for you both and will strengthen the bond with your pooch!

Skin and coat supplements  

Supplements are a great way to stop your dog scratching and make them more comfortable! They also help your pooch's coat condition and softness. Use them as part of your dogs balanced diet for them to be as healthy as they can!

Parasite prevention

overall health could affect your dogs itchy skin

Parasites often lead to irritation and itchy skin for your dog. The most common parasites that are likely to affect your dog are fleas and ticks, which are found all year round! Some dogs can have hypersensitive skin which causes them to develop pink, scabby skin. If you suspect that your dog has a parasite, visit your vet for treatment. So, to prevent parasites, inspect your pets coat daily, regularly bathe your dog and clean up any poop on your dog's fur. 

Addressing anxiety or boredom

Scratching could be a symptom of anxiety or boredom. Anxiety may be caused by too much time alone, and boredom by not having enough mental stimulation. So, if you believe your dog is suffering from anxiety or boredom, introduce more exercise into your dog's routine. Add mentally stimulating toys and treat games to keep your dog's brain active and stop them scratching! 

what causes your dogs itchy skin

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