What Can I Give My Dog For Blocked Anal Glands?

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So you’ve got a pooch that’s struggling with blocked anal glands and experiencing some pain and irritation? Let us be your guide to giving your pooch the best health care! Let us soothe your dog’s itchy bottoms all the while avoiding those hefty vet visits.

How to express dogs' anal glands

More Fibre

make sure you add fibre to your dog's diet gradually

Dogs' anal glands often become blocked due to lack of fibre in their diet. Loose stools generally don’t allow for the glands to express. By ensuring that your dog has enough fibre in their diet. Their stool will become bulkier making it more easy for them to express their glands naturally. It is worth noting that a large amount of commercially available dog food is relatively low in fibre; keep an eye out for foods that contain higher levels or consider adding fibre-full supplements to your pup’s meals

A Healthy Weight

When a dog is overweight, the muscles in their back end are sometimes weaker, meaning they’re not able to push hard enough to eliminate from the glands. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight by improving their diet, gut health and increasing exercise can help them to gain that strength back into their muscles and allow them to naturally express their anal glands.

More Water

ensuring your dog has plenty of water can also help soothe itching and dry skin

Make sure that your doggo is drinking plenty of water, especially if they are struggling with blocked anal glands. Not only does drinking water promote movement in your pup but it also helps to flush any toxins through anything indigestible to ensure productive poops from your furry friend. 

What food helps with anal glands?

carrots can also help your dogs clean their teeth

Carrots are high in soluble fibre, making them great for pooches with blocked anal glands. Soluble fibres create a gel-like substance when they dissolve in water, this gel improves digestion by making stools firmer. Not only does insoluble fibre aid in digestion but it also reduces glucose spikes, meaning your dog will be fuller for longer. Other ingredients that contain high soluble fibres for dogs are flaxseeds, pumpkin and psyllium husks. While insoluble fibres help to bulk your dog’s stools, soluble fibres have the opposite effect and soften stools because they attract water. Produce containing soluble fibres may not be suitable for dogs who are straining when trying to poop.


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