Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell… because it’s great for your client and great for you! 😀

In a bit more detail…

  • Your clients receive a 30% discount on their first purchase using your code
  • You receive at least 10% commission from every new customer you refer. This is payable on their first purchase and any additional purchases made during the year. The more your clients buy, the greater your commission. Note: commissino is only payable while you remain an Ambassador
  • You receive 10% off every Wagateur product you purchase for your own dog(s)
  • It’s easy to do – simply introduce our products to your clients (eg: hand them flyers, use our email templates, or put-up posters in your studio). We do everything else
  • There’s no cost to you – we provide you with everything you need to introduce and recommend our product
  • You’ll have happy and contented clients, because our products work relieving your client’s anxiety and their dog’s health-related issues. Our products help with gut issues, stress-response, anxiety, over-stimulation, skin irritations, stiff and sore joints, and scooting
  • A healthy, content dog is more focused and responds better during training. Helping your client address underlying health issues supports the effectiveness of your, and your client’s, training
  • We offer a full, no-questions-asked, no return needed, money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to them (or to you for recommending the product)
  • You get free advertising. You are named on our affiliated dog trainers list on the Wagateur website (searchable by name, postcode and county). This backlink to your site improves your relevance for Google and improves your SEO score

When you join our Partner Programme, you set up your personalised and unique referral link and discount code. When your client buys using either of these, we automatically link them to your Ambassador Account and pay commission accordingly.

We have a “Check My Commission” service so that we can honour commissions on orders from customers that you sent our way, but that may not have used your discount code (either because they forgot or because there was another deal running).

Submit a ‘Check My Commission’ request by emailingBAM@Wagateur.comand telling us the customer's name and address (town and road is all we need).

We’ll honour commission on purchases made in the last 60 days, and, if they’re a new-to-Wagateur customer, we’ll attribute them to your account, so you benefit from future orders too.

Provided the customer buys from our website within 60 days of when they last used your link, we still attribute that customer to your account (even if they don't use your code or link when they buy!).

When your client uses your unique code or referral link to buy a product from us, we pay you a commission and they receive a discount.

If that person has never bought from Wagateur before, we assign them to your Partner Account. From then, every order the customer makes after that counts towards your commission.

So, it’s not just repeat orders of the first product they buy - every purchase they make from us counts towards your commission payment. And the more your clients purchase, the greater your commission!

If the customer has bought from us before, we’ll still pay you commission when they use your affiliate link to buy, but they won’t be attributed to your account for future purchases.

By the way, if the customer returns the order or requests a refund you will not receive commission on that order.

There are five requirements to remain as a brand ambassador:

  1. You must be (and remain ) a member of one of the accredited training bodies on our approved list
  2. We require our brand ambassadors to abide by our guiding principle of “The animal’s health and well-being come first”. If we find an ambassador doing anything contra to this, we will remove them immediately from our program. This includes things like poor customer reviews, recommending or using “balanced” or “aversive” training
  3. Your rolling 12-month commission paid from first time customer orders (ie: customers who make their first Wagateur purchase during the past 12 months) exceeds £50. This works out at less than 2 new customer purchases per month
  4. You only use your private discount code for personal purchases for your dog(s)
  5. You don’t promote competitor products

Yes, please do. Ask them to use your network link to sign up (you can find this on the dashboard or on the network tab).

If someone you introduce is accepted onto our ambassador programme, you will earn commission on everything their clients buy for as long as they remain brand ambassadors.

Oh, and we do a little dance of joy too as we love our brand ambassadors.

We provide you with everything you need to successfully introduce our product and earn commission. This includes things like posters, flyers, packaged product (for display purposes), social media assets, email templates.

We also provide you with a handy guide on products, their benefits and how to introduce them, see “The Dog Trainer’s Guide to Wagateur products”. You can see that in the Marketing Tools section ofYour Portal

No, there’s no selling involved.

If you are working with a client whose dog is suffering from a condition we help with (eg: over-stimulation, anxiety, scooting, itchy/patchy coat), you simply...

  • Mention our product as being able to help
  • Give them our flyer
  • Mention a couple of the benefits of the product
  • Ask them to check it out online
  • And remind them to use your link so you can receive commission 😃.

For more information on the products, their benefits and how to introduce them, see “The Dog Trainer’s Guide to Wagateur products” in You can see that in the Marketing Tools section ofYour Portal

When you are approved to become a brand ambassador, we give you access to our Ambassador Portal. You can use the Portal to see who’s bought using your link, and to track your commission payments.

Login here: Your Portal

We will pay you within 14 days of month end, directly to the account you specify in your partner portal, provided your commission owed is greater than £20. If your commission payment is less than £20, it will roll over to the next month and be added to any commission earned in that month.

You can choose to be paid by Paypal – this is our recommended option as payments happen automatically. Or you can choose bank transfer or store credit (for example to buy products for your dogs).

If your client uses our unique referral link, that should stop our general pop ups from being displayed. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent pop-ups being shown to customers that navigate to our website in any other way.

We recommend telling your clients that you personally get a small thank-you from us if they use your code – in our experience this will often persuade them to use your code instead of taking up other offers. And, once, they become a customer, they can avail of the other offers.

If you know a client has placed an order, but you don’t see a matching commission in your Ambassador Portal, you can ask us to investigate by sending a "Check My Commission" email to BAM@Wagateur.comand tell us the customer's name and address.

We are happy to honour any missed commission from orders in the proceeding 60 days.

Sorry, no. Only one code or discount can be used at a time.

We strongly recommend you ask your clients to use your referral link for their first purchase as it automatically applies the 30% discount. Our Ambassadors find that simply mentioning you get a small commission is enough to get them to use your link first.

They can always avail of discounts later, and we will still pay commission on orders that contain offers or discounted items.

Yes please! We’d love you to add us as a recommended supplier on your website, Facebook page, Instagram, TikTok or email footer (or anywhere else that you interact with customers!).

You’ll find the approved graphics, logos, and images in the Marketing Tools tab of your Ambassador Portal. You can download these as images or copy and paste the HTML directly into your website etc.

If you use the image, make the image clickable, and add your unique referral link so that we can track conversions. If you use the HTML your referral link will already be included.

You'll also find "Tips For Posting On Social Media" in the Knowledge Hub folder in the Marketing Tools Tab on your Portal (double click to access the folder).

Log in to your portal here: Your Portal

Yes please! We regularly share content on our Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok pages and we’d love you to share this.

This is a great way to increase your own visibility and attract potential customers for yourself. Remember, if you are directly sharing a post with your own followers, include your discount code or referral link to make sure you receive commission for the introduction.

Sorry, No. We only sell direct to consumers through our own website and some partner channels.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've any questions we haven't answered, or if you need help with anything.

Email our Brand Ambassador Manager at