Paw Balm Benefits For Your Dog

Why You Should Use a Paw Balm for Your Dog 


Did you know your dog's paws can be just as sensitive as the soles of your feet? Dry, cracked, callused and sore paws can be a year round problem. Not only can this look unsightly and cause a great deal of discomfort when walking, it can also lead to nasty infections if left untreated. Here we have outlined some of the main things that could be causing the dreaded dry, cracked paws and measures that can be taken to prevent this.


What causes cracked paws on your dog?


Hot Ground 


Walking on hot ground in the summer can literally burn the sensitive skin on your dog's paw pads. Remember if it is too hot for you to comfortably hold your hand on the ground for at least seven seconds then it is too hot to take your dog for a walk. Remember, on hot days we recommend walking your dog early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the peak temperatures and sticking to grass and shaded areas where possible.


Sandy Terrain 


Everyone loves a trip to the beach and your pooch is no exception, but did you know the sandy terrain and salty sea water are the perfect combination for drying out your pup's skin. After a fun filled trip to the beach we recommend cleaning your dog's feet and applying a protective balm.


Off Road Terrain


If you and your doggo love going on off road adventures you may also notice that their paws become rough and calloused. Callouses form as a result of friction caused by rougher terrain, particularly if your dog is not used to walking these types of surfaces.


Cold Weather 


In the winter months, the colder weather can also be problematic for your dog's delicate skin, especially the nose and paw pads which are exposed to the harsher conditions. Don’t take your dog for prolonged walks in the snow, and ensure that all ice and debris are cleared from their paws afterwards. Avoid walking in areas that have been treated with grit, as this can cause nasty chemical burns on the paws and can be poisonous if consumed.


Using an All Natural Paw Balm 


As dog owners it is important that we look after our beloved pooches from head to toe. Nose N Toes is an all natural nourishing balm which is a specially formulated blend containing soothing shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. This creates a protective barrier on the skin, keeping moisture locked in and has naturally occurring anti-oxidant properties. 


With no artificial flavours and no added nasties, Nose N Toes is 100% lick safe! The nourishing formula is light weight and non-sticky, so it won’t cause traction issues or leave unsightly stains on furniture. This useful balm comes in a handy 50ml container, meaning it can be taken on almost any adventure you and your canine friend go on. 


Nose N Toes balm can be applied to the nose, paw pads and outer ear surfaces to ease and soothe dry, chapped and uncomfortable skin. For best results we recommend applying Nose N Toes after a walk or before bedtime, to allow all the goodness to be fully absorbed by your dog’s skin.

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