Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Fireworks can be very stressful on our puppers, but there are things we can do to try and comfort them. 

The most common ways to spot if your dog is anxious include:

  • panting excessively
  • drooling
  • shaking
  • yawning
  • putting their tail between their legs

However fear not, Wagateur is here to support you and your dog.  In the lead up to a noisy event, our top tip we have it to create a doggy safe den. This should be a quiet area, one where they feel in control. So don’t interfere with them when they are in their den. 

 You can train your dog to recognise the den as a safe place by keeping their favourite toy there. Use a variety of chew toys but swap them regularly so they don’t become bored in their den. 

 When the fireworks start, your dog can then go there as they know it’s a safe place and somewhere they feel comfortable. It's important that your dog has access to this doggy safe den at all times, even when you're not at home.


Tips for the day of a noisy event 

 Below, we’ve listed our top tips on the day for New Years Eve, ahead of the fireworks commencing. These should help your dog remain clam and reduce any anxiety. 


Our top tips for New Years Eve to keep your dog calm:

  • Walk your dog before dark, ahead of any early fireworks which may go off in the early evening. 
  • Make sure your house and garden is secure so they can’t get out and become even more spooked. Dogs can try to run away if they’re scared. Make sure your dog is microchipped and your information is up to date so your dog can be returned to you if they are spooked by fireworks and run off.
  • Never force your dog to go outside if they don’t want to. 
  • Close your windows and curtains and try switching on the TV to help disguise the noise. 
  • Move your dog to the safe haven before the fireworks begin, and provide toys and other things that they enjoy. Make sure there are things for you to do too, so your dog isn't left alone.
  • Feed your dog before any fireworks commence. Once they start they may become stressed and not want to eat. 
  • Ignore the firework noises yourself. Play with a toy to see if your dog wants to join in, but don't force them to play. Dogs are very intuitive so if you stay calm they will be more likely to stay calm as well. 
  • Give your dog comfort if they seek it.

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